Excite Hollow Point .22

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The Excite Hollow Point by H & N are lightweight precision balls for medium distances. The diabolos have a great shock effect with their hollow tip and are evenly deformed on impact. They can be used universally in the leisure and sports sector.


  • 200 pan-head diabolos from H & N
  • resealable can

Details about H & N Flathead Diabolos Excite Hollow Point 5,5mm:

  • Caliber: 5.5 mm (.22 cal.)
  • Weight per diabolo: approx. 0.82 g
  • Shape: flat head
  • smooth shaft with hollow point 
  • recommended muzzle energy: 16 joules
  • Distance: max. 30 meters
  • Material: lead 
  • Brand: H & N
  • Made in Germany 

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