NGT Method Feeder Set

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NGT 4 + 1 Inline Method Feeder Set



Complete set!

4 Inline feeders and 1 mould

Different weights, suitable for a variety of situations

The perfect way to catch more and bigger coarse fish!

Get started right away with the method feeder!


The perfect way to catch more and bigger coarse fish and carp! This set contains the most modern version of method feeder fishing. An in-line method feeder in 4 different weights and a soft-touch moulding cap for perfectly applying the bait.


The swivel of the leader is connected to the method feeder, which creates the well-known self-hooking system. Bream, carp or tench takes the boilie with hook in the mouth, tries to swim away and the weight of the feeder in combination with the tight line causes the fish to hook itself.

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