Spomb Midi

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Key Features

A smaller version of the original Large Spomb

Can be casted with rods of a lower test curve than that of a spod rod

Patented design allows contents to be released instantly upon impact

Eliminates spod spill - once loaded and shut you will lose no bait on the cast

Aerodynamic design allows for accurate baiting at range

Great even when used in strong winds

Fast and easy retrieve with the opened Spomb

Glides effortlessly across the top of the water with little to no resistance

Versatile design can be used with different baits

Ideal for baiting at extreme range, for feeding on a little and often basis

Or use on a lighter test curve rod than that of a conventional spod rod

Available in both Black and White

Recommended 4lb - 5lb test curve rod with 15lb - 45lb tapered leader

Unloaded weight (42g). Loaded with corn, casting weight (130g)

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