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C C Moore Fresh Intense Hemp 2.5L


As a loose feed for coarse fish, Hemp seed needs no introduction and is one of the most successful fishing baits ever used. However, this pre-cooked, premium grade hemp seed is carefully prepared by experienced bait technicians to give you a consistently top quality loose feed that not only delivers boosted levels of natural ‘hemp’ attraction but is also ready to use straight from the jar.



Fresh Intense Hemp properties:


legendary natural fish feed and attractant


Plump, oily Hemp Seed with a high split rate


Cooked in the jar so no nutrients/attractors lost in production


Contains added hemp oil so ‘super boosted’ with attraction


Superb in spod mixes either whole or fine blended


An excellent year-round use loose feed for any coarse fish


Perfectly cooked and ready to use from the jar


Once opened, use within 5 days or freeze and use later


Supplied in a tough, reusable, 2.5litre plastic jar


Another unique and exclusive CC Moore product. 


Customer guidance:


Before opened, this product should be kept cool, out of direct sunlight. Once open, seeds should be kept covered in their juice and be used within 5 days. If not used within 5 days, freeze and use later. This product is ideal for use alone or to form the base of a loose feed mix.

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