Matrix Collapsible Side Tray inc. 2 Legs

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Matrix Collapsible Side Tray inc 2 Legs



Match fishing is a demanding, specialist discipline, and, whether you're just starting out, and competing in your first local club matches, or you're an international match angler building a winning reputation, you need top-quality equipment that has been designed and built around the challenges of your sport, and that you can trust to back up your knowledge, skill, and performance expertise out on the peg.



That's where Matrix, a dynamic new imprint from the well-established stable of Fox International, comes in.  Bringing all of the style and performance anglers of all disciplines have come to expect from the Fox brand, and combining it with a dedicated, knowledgable focus that's exclusively on match fishing, and the anglers who love the demands of that discipline, Matrix's vibrant youth as a brand means it is running onto the field with no preconceptions or establlished patterns of behaviour, and can take a full, fresh look at the wants and needs of the contemporary match angler, and design products that address both these present, identified needs, and anticipated future needs, ensuring fishing satisfaction for years to come.



When you combine the creative passion of an emerging market force with the knowledge and passion honed over years in the angling business of a brand like Fox, you get an irresistable offering and experience that you simply can't ignore.



Designed to hold over 3lbs of bait – this seat boox side tray can accommodate up to six large bait boxes – the Matrix Collapisble Side Tray includes two 25mm extending support legs, while the comprehensive set up of 3D knuckles are fully compatible with 25mm, 30mm, and 36mm legs, making this side tray an ideal accessory for any Matrix seatbox, and a versatile part of your match angling kit.  The solid lid is fully adjustable, and can be easily and securely locked in any position, while the double support struts ensure solid, reliable stability across all types of ground, from small, shifting gravel to rocky, uneven mud banks, and everything in between.



Making the most of your match session means having a plentiful supply of a variety of baits, and this durable, waterproof side tray more than addresses the question of how you're going to store and protect all the bait you'll need, without cluttering up your peg.  At the end of your session, the durable fabric box simply collapses down, offering compact storage that will fit easily into the smallest car boot, or the most tightly-packed trolley or barrow.



If you're looking to enhance your match fishing, and add to your performance potential, adding a convenient, full-function side tray such as the Matrix Collapisble Side Tray to your match seat box is an effective, affordable step to take.

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