Shimano Beastmaster CX Multi 9ft-11ft Commercial Float Rod

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Shimano - Beastmaster Commercial Float Multi 9-11ft

Commercial range of rods have built up something of a cult following over the last few years, and are now used by many of the top UK anglers. They are designed to produce the best possible action, which they achieve by having additional tapered extensions (not parallel softer extensions), and one piece quiver top sections. . This year sees the introduction of two new ranges - a completely revamped Beastmaster series and the flagship Speedmaster. Each rod has been refined over countless pre-production samples to produce a finished product perfectly suited to its intended style of fishing.

Pellet waggler fishing has become a key tactic in the last few years, and we at Shimano have come up with two rods for the job. Firstly the multi length 9ft to 11ft which, when assembled at 9ft, gives you the perfect rod for those swims where space is tight and the fish are just out of pole range. At 11ft it’s a rod that really can cope with anything that is put in front of it. The 11ft 6" offers a bit more in terms of casting distance, whilst also having power in reserve to cope with those bigger commercial water carp. The fact that the 11ft 6" is Steve Ringer’s number one choice for waters such as Boddington and Earlswood says a lot about just what this rod is capable of.


  • Length: 172cm
  • Sections: 2 piece + EXT
  • Weight: 152g
  • Length: 9ft-11ft

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