Fox Black Label Green Stealth Bobbin x 3

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Fox Black Label Green Stealth Bobbin x 3

Fox Black Label Stealth Bobbins Set x 3 Green

Unique pack that includes three Stealth Bobbins in Green

Limited stock available

Machined aluminium body

Memory-free 6ins super soft black Dacron cord with machined black aluminium hockey stick connection

Cord can be shortened should you wish

Narrow mid-section with isotope viewing slots allows glow from isotope to be seen from all angles

Ideal for slack line fishing at short range and semi-slack line fishing at medium range

Features unique Black Label Slik Bobbin Clip, which can fix to line for greater sensitivity but can also be left free running should you wish

Line tension can be adjusted by tightening or loosening clip on the body

Weighs 5g

Colour can be changed at any time by purchasing individual Slik Bobbin Clips and removing the black collar they are supplied with

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