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Gardner Covert Sinking Rig Tube 3 x 2m

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Using a length of Sinking Rig Tube positioned above your rig is a highly effective way of eliminating tangled hook lengths during the cast.

Incorporate a length of sinking rig tubing that is slightly longer than the hook link to avoid tangles and ensure consistently good hook bait presentation.

On Lead Clip arrangements simply insert the end of the tubing into the exit hole on the tail rubber to secure in position.

Extra robust PVC compound offers the best abrasion resistance and strength compared to other types of anti-tangle tubing available.

Thick 0.5mm wall ensures that this is fast-sinking effectively disguising your rigs and line from wary feeding fish.

High quality PVC extrusion means that gently stretching the tube out straight prior to use, to remove memory from being stored, ensures that the tube lays flat on the lake bed.

Does not crack or distort which are common problems with many rig tubes and prevents them from sinking flush to the bottom.

Uniform 0.75mm diameter bore makes it easier to thread the main line. Please remember threading the line is easier if the tube and line are dry.

Sinking Rig Tubing retains its elasticity, has low memory and remains straight after being gently stretched.

Supplied as 3 x 2m lengths per pack (6m).

Low-viz camo colours available in solid and C-Thru Green, Brown, Grey and mixed packs to match the rest of the Covert range.

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Gardner Covert Sinking Rig Tube 3 x 2m
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