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  • This is truly the next step up in quality - Nothing has never been this transparent on the lakebed. These remarkable products break up their own shape, to offer unparalleled invisibility in water. These can be quite conspicuous when fished off the lakebed, so by using an algae-tinted two-tone construction, they are very hard to distinguish at all levels in the water column.
  • This makes them a fantastic to use as a special material or even a hook link, marrying supreme sinking qualities with new levels of faintness, great knot strength and abrasion resistance.


  • Two-tone construction for invisibility
  • Super strong knot strength and abrasion resistance
  • A next level leader and hook link material
  • 50m spools


  • Breaking Strain: 18lb - Diameter: 0.35mm
  • Breaking Strain: 20lb - Diameter: 0.38mm
  • Breaking Strain: 25lb - Diameter: 0.41mm

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