MTM Front Rifle Rest

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MTM Front Rifle Rest

Looking for an affordable, "all-around" Front Rifle Rest? You just found it! The versatile, MTM Front Rifle Rest offers excellent, rock-solid stability at a price any shooter can afford. This three legged rest not only accommodates nearly any shape gun stock but handgun enthusiasts will find it just as accurate.


The rear leg has been extended, widened, raised and a black pad has been attached to make it an ideal pistol handgun rest.


Non-Marring, Special Rubber Shooting Pad – supports nearly any shape stock or barrel

Wide, Wobble Free Stance with Gripping Rubber Feet

Handgun Support – extra wide, rear leg designed for comfortable handgun support

Two-Point Rear Footing – for added stability

Precision Dialed Adjustments – offers 3” of vertical travel for pin-point accuracy

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