Century Armalite MK3 12ft 2.75lb Supergrade Cork Rod

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The early Armalites set a standard and trend that were regarded as truly legendary by specialists. The parabolic fighting curve and ease of use enabled us to use the expression “Perfect Players Rod” TM. There are still thousands of Armalites in use world-wide however we have been frequently approached by devotees who have requested that we capture the sprit of the original but bring the technology bang up to date. Much has progressed in modern composite technology and although the prey species has not evolved dramatically since the originals – tactics and expectations – certainly have moved on. The MK3 brings a fresh look at the principle of addressing the margins and middle distance. For smaller lakes where the conditions dictate a player’s rod the new MK3 fits the bill very well.

Using modern rod building techniques including Autoclaving and complex curved carbon fibre patterns – we can deliver an edge to the new MK3, optimising for that little bit more distance capability, resilience and resistance to test curve decay but still retain the action and “retro” look. To remain true to the original design we still utilise spigot joints – accurately fitted on our centreless grinder. 

The Armalite MK 3 is newly fitted out with a durable Full Length Supergrade Cork Handle and bridges the gap from this traditional finish to modern tastes by partnering it with the latest lightweight Alps reelseat laser engraved with the Armalite logos. We have used dark green whippings on all the guides which compliment the Kevlar from the blank surface to finish of this stunning and timeless classic rod. The performance – is by any standards acceptable based on the heritage of a “Ten Ton Armalite” – not a reference to its weight but a 2 ¼lb T/C rod that accounted for over 10 tons of carp averaging 30’s, in a single season from St Lawrence – USA!

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