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Fox EOS 2 piece Rod 13ft 3.5lb - taskers-angling
Wychwood Riot EVA 3lb - taskers-angling
NGT Dynamic Spod Rod 12FT - taskers-angling
Prologic C.O.M Raw Carp Rods
Fox EOS 12ft Spod And Marker Rod
Sonik Xtractor 9ft 3lb Cork
Save £90
taskers-angling,Sonik Dominator X Carp Rod 12ft
Penn Squadron II Uptide Rod - taskers-angling
Shimano Forcemaster BX 8FT Picker - taskers-angling
ESP MK-2 Paragon - taskers-angling
Fox Horizon X3 10ft 3lb Abbreviated - taskers-angling
Shakespeare Agility 2 MPV 10ft - taskers-angling
Fox EOS Barbel Specialist 11ft 1.75lb - taskers-angling
Shimano Vengeance Barbel Classic - taskers-angling
Grauvell Vertix Gamma 450 LC - taskers-angling
NGT Feeder Rod 10ft - taskers-angling
Nash Scope Rod Abbreviated Handle 9ft - taskers-angling
Nash Scope Rod Abbreviated Handle 6ft - taskers-angling
Fox Horizon X3 12ft 2.75lb Abbreviated
Save £5
Wychwood Extricator MLT 6ftWychwood Extricator MLT 6ft
Save £5
DAM Fighter Pro Tele Pole 500 + FREE Pole Rig
Prologic Multi Purpose Detek Twin Tip 1.75lb
Sonik Xtractor Carp Rods 10ft
Save £80
Daiwa Team Daiwa Power waggler 14ft
Save £210
Century C2 12ft Command & Control Rod
Fox Horizon X4 12ft Abbreviated
Fox Horizon X3 12ft 3.5lb Abbriviated
Sonik VaderX RS Carp Rod 12ft 3.5lb
Sonik Dominator X Travel Spin 4Pce
Sonik VaderX RS S+M Hybrid 12ft
Fox Eos Rod 12ft 3lb 3piece - taskers-angling

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