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A classic line suitable for the most diverse situations. By using the Jelly Wire material we have ensured that the rig feels very natural and also has good anti-tangle properties.




This allows this rig to be used on many waters. The Combi Rig Soft Coated says it all. A part for the

hook has been made free of coating for a natural presentation while about 2/3

keeps its coating. On the Combi Rig a Super Strong hook is knotted which is equipped with a Short Shank Aligner. This makes this Combi very fast. The Combi Rig Soft Coated Rigs also feature Speed Swivel and Anti Tangle Sleeve. In short, good materials, suitable for all PB Products

systems and perfectly knotted.


The color indication of the Combi Rig Soft Coated packaging is RED.



-Jelly Wire 25lb

-Speed Swivel 8

-Anti Tangle Sleeve

-Short Shank Aligner

-Super Strong Hook

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