Asso Tapered Shock Leaders Yellow

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Asso Tapered Shock Leaders Yellow

Tapered leaders are very popular with users of fixed spool reels. Being tapered they give a much smaller leader knot and this coupled with the longer length (15 metres) smooths line flow during those critical initial milliseconds of the cast helping to reduce the risk of the line wrapping up on the butt ring. They work well with both nylon and braided main lines.

As well as fixed spools fans of level wind multipliers also appreciate the smaller knot as it passes through the line guide much easier than a larger standard leader knot.

5 x 15m leaders per spool.

  • Tapered shock leader made from quality Asso nylon
  • Extra long to allow safer casting with the longest of rods and drops
  • Smooth casting
  • Small leader knot to reduce weed build up
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Knots well with good knot strength
  • 15m overall leader length including 8m parallel section
  • Colour - Clear or orange
  • Breaking strains - 15lb to 50lb - 15lb to 60lb - 18lb - 70lb
  • 5 Leaders per spool

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