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To describe the Ellipse Pellet as legendary barely scratches the surface. Thousands of hours of scientific research has delivered a rich, oily pellet, specifically designed to stimulate an aggressive feeding response from fish, and fulfil their nutritional requirements once eaten.


The balance between oils and marine proteins has been precisely calculated to deliver the perfect nutritional payload, keeping the fish coming back for more. Practically all coarse fish respond well to the unique powers of the Ellipse, but they’ve achieved such a reputation among elite carp and barbel anglers that most would now not leave home without a bag.


The flattened, elliptical profile contributes to their appeal, increasing the surface area of the pellet, giving carp a totally different food item to sample, and helping to hold their position perfectly in even fast-flowing barbel rivers. Include Ellipse Pellets to supercharge your spod mixes or introduce them on their own, it’s up to you!


We recently caught up with both Adam Penning and Martin Bowler, two of our anglers of whom have been fortunate enough to have used the unique pellets for some time now. When asked what they thought about the Ellipse Pellets and their revival, this is what they had to say.


Adam Penning: “It must be nearly 20 years since the original Elips hit the scene and what a pellet it was! The salmon base and high oil content elevated it far above any other pellet in terms of attraction. It caught everywhere and for many of us, it was a serious weapon for a long period of time.


Now the release of the Ellipse Pellets from Sticky Baits has ensured a pellet renaissance and I have been lucky to get hold of them early, catching some big carp to upper thirties from very tricky waters. These pellets are destined to be a major breakthrough this season, get on them quick!”


Martin Bowler: “The best is back!  Any barbel angler worth his salt knew that these were and are the ones to use, so when they were no longer available there was a collective sigh of sadness from the anglers and one of joy from the fish!  Well, barbel, carp and anything else that eats pellets beware, because you won’t be able to resist these.  A fantastic bait and one that I can assure you I’ll be using.”


Why Choose Ellipse?


Unique elliptical shape acts totally differently to normal pellets.

Designed to provoke intense feeding.

Packed with a balanced blend of marine proteins and rich, nutritious oils.

Legendary among elite carp and barbel anglers.

Scientifically proven to promote fish growth and repair.

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