Meet the team: Connor


Name: Connor                         Biggest Catch: 26lb carp

Years fishing: 10                     Favourite place to fish: Blue bell lake  

Disciplines: Carp, Coarse, Pike 


Connor is from Liverpool and has 10 years worth of fishing experience. His main disciplines are carp, coarse and pike fishing which means he as all round very good fishing knowledge and is a versatile angler! The catch that he is most proud of is a 26lb common carp that he caught. 

In terms of where he enjoys to fish the most Bluebell lakes near Peterborough is his favourite and the reason why is because he never knows what it is that he will catch. His preferred bait of choice is cell bait. When it comes to giving advice to first time anglers Connor believes that it is important to start off simple and that if you start off complicating what you are doing then it will become harder. 

Like a lot of anglers Connor has goals he wants to achieve when it comes to fishing. His main one is to one day catch a UK 50lb Carp, this is incredibly difficult to do but Connor believes he is more than capable of doing this and the rest of us at Taskers Angling more than believe he will achieve this one day! 

Connor is more than happy to assist all of our customers in finding what products best suit them and his experience in angling will be very beneficial in helping you to find the right products you need! So please come down to our Liverpool store where Connor or another member of our excellent team can help or call us on 01512606015.