Meet our team: Corey

Name: Corey                                 Biggest catch: 26lb common carp

Years fishing: 10                           Favourite place to fish: Parks 

Disciplines: Carp fishing


Corey is one of our newer members of staff here at Taskers Angling. He is from Liverpool himself and has 10 years worth of fishing experience under his belt so he knows his stuff! 

In terms of where he likes to fish Corey enjoys going to local parks. This is because of the social side that fishing can offer, being able to sit and talk with friends is something that he enjoys and fishing provides a great opportunity to be able to do this.

Nash bait and Scopex squid are the baits of choice for Corey. "They are reliable and they have never let me down" he says. His favourite fishing discipline is carp fishing as well which can be done all year round. In fact his biggest common carp catch was 26lb. 

Like all of our staff at Taskers Angling Corey is happy to help get the products that are right for you so do not hesitate and come into our store if you have anything we can assist you with or ring us on 01512606015.