Fishing in Autumn? Here's some top tips for you to catch Perch

As we now start to enter the winter months and say goodbye to the summer many of you will be turning you attention towards catching perch. This type of fishing is ideal for the colder weather and that's why we wanted to share some of our very own tips so hopefully you catch big this Autumn. 

Live Baiting: 

While we understand that this is not for everyone this method of fishing is one that is very well suited to catching Perch. If you are wondering which bait works best then maggots and prawns are amongst some of the most recommended that can be used.

Float Fishing: 

Although this method may be a little bit old fashioned it is one of the most enjoyable when it comes to catching perch. The bait is fished laying on the bottom. This method is often described as being one of the most enjoyable that an angler can use. 

Ned Fishing:

This method is productive when being used in very cold conditions, something that we are sure won't put off passionate Anglers such as yourselves. Slowly the lure is worked along the bottom with it bouncing and pausing in-between. It is also probably best when using this method to use a lighter head in order to keep the bait in area you want for longer.