Meet the team: Michael 



Name: Michael                                Biggest catch: 26lb carp                            

Years fishing: 6                               Favourite place to fish: rivers  

Disciplines: carp, pike, perch 


Michael has been at Taskers Angling for a while now and has a big passion for angling. He has fished for the last 6 years mainly targeting carp, however in the colder months Michael prefers to target pike and perch and enjoys float fishing on rivers throughout the year. These are his main disciplines but he prefers using stalking, margin and edge fishing as his main methods. 

There are 2 big catches in particular that Michael is proud of. He caught a 26lb common carp and his biggest pike catch was 13lb. In terms of where he enjoys to fish the most parks and rivers are where he mostly goes as Michael says he enjoys not knowing what will be there for him to catch and the unknown is what he likes. 

Michael tends to use sticky and natural baits when he is by the water as these are his preferences. When giving advice to first time Anglers he believes it is important to start simple and easy in terms of tactics and targets and to over time build your way up into catching bigger and harder fish. 

Michael is incredibly helpful and friendly and provides all our customers with great insight into what it is they are thinking of buying, just like the rest of our great team. If there is something you need help with, whether you are not sure what product is best suited to you or you want to try fishing for the first time then come into our Liverpool store or get in touch by calling us on 01512606015.