Our guide to buying sleeping bags

If you are an angler who enjoys an overnight trip then you will understand the importance of having a reliable sleeping bag. As we head into the winter months it is important that for these trips the right bed is at hand so you are nice and warm. If you are uncomfortable by the waterside then it is unlikely that you will be as patient as you normally are. That is why at Taskers Angling we have put together some tips to make sue you get the bed that is right for you. 


Keep in mind the seasons


Different bags are suited to different seasons. As mentioned earlier we are heading into the colder months so now is the time to make sure you buy the warmer bags, these are normally the 4 or 5 season ones, they are very well insulated and will keep you warm in cold conditions. There are also ones for summer, autumn and spring. The lighter bags are definitely more suited to spring and summer so make sure you check which one you are getting. 




Making sure that you have the right insulation for your bed is also very important. In short the thicker the insulation is the better the heat retention is. However this is not always the case and not all synthetic fibres are created equal. Insulation is also important when adding up the overall weight of the bag so make sure to consider this as well. 


Look at the zip


Not something that you would think of but last thing anybody would want is struggling to get out of the bag if the bite alarm is going. Two way zips are the best way to get around such an issue as they allow for you to open the bag from the outside or the inside. Quality zips will also offer a good level of heat retention, again really important to think about in the winter. 


Other features


These features are dependent on your personal preference and on what it is you want. Bed-chair attachments may be something that you want with your bed, examples of what can be used as attachments are elasticated straps and hoods, both which are designed to keep the beds stable. Pillows are something that most people would probably need as well. If you are fortunate enough some may be included but in some cases you may have to purchase your own. Particularly in winter draft excluder skirts limit cold spots and cut down on a chilly breeze that could potentially break your sleep. 

If you feel like you need to upgrade your bed now or even get one for the first time then have a look below at some of our current bed-chair offers