Tips & Tricks To Help Your Angling

Tips & Tricks To Help Your Angling 


Whilst all Anglers will have stories to share from their time by the water they are not always likely to share the tips and tricks that make them successful. At Taskers Angling we thought we would share some of our tips and tricks to help to improve your Angling. 


1. Sort Out Your Tackle Box 

Your tackle box should contain what it is you need to catch the fish that you want. A common mistake that is made by Anglers is to pack things with nothing to do with the species they are after. Make sure that you are taking what you need to catch the species you want as this can set you up for success. 


2. Change Things Up

Fish can be clever. At times they may stop feeding even if you are using a bait you know usually does the trick. If this does happen to you then do not be afraid to change things up and try something different. This may be as simple as using a different bait. In our view if fish are not biting then you have nothing to lose in terms of shaking things up. 


3. Customise Your Baits 

You do need to try and stand out and if you use the same lures as everybody else then you won't end up doing this. One way to make yourself stand out is to maybe make little holes in the baits to make the scent spread more in the way, attracting more fish. 

4. Make Sure You Are Ready For Stormy Weather 
Pay attention to how the clouds move and when a storm is approaching try and get by the water. A change in air pressure can unsettle the fish and bite rates can improve in this situation. 
5. Search Shallow Waters In The Spring 
Predator fish can be found in shallow waters in spring where they are looking for their own fish to eat. They can drop their guards in these situations but it is important to match your lures to what you can see the predator fish are chasing. 
We hope that these trips and tricks will help you to improve your Angling in areas you feel you can. If you have any questions about what products may be best suited to you then please visit our store or call us on 01512606015.