Shimano AERO X1 Finesse Feeder 9'

SKU: 8717009856225
Shimano AERO X1 Finesse Feeder 9&

Shimano AERO X1 Finesse Feeder 9'

SKU: 8717009856225
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A Japanese based company, Shimano was conceived in 1921starting its company’s life creating cycling equipment but diversified into the production of top quality fishing reels in 1970. The Shimano UK division of the company was set up shortly after, in 1988 meaning British anglers needs were met much easier.

The Shimano Aero X7 Finesse Feeder Rod comes at a rod length of 9 feet which is The AERO x7 perfect for short distance angling. This finesse feeder rod can reach a distance up to 30m with a casting weight up to 50g.

Ideal for targeting F1 or small carp when match fishing, the Aero X7 allows anglers using feeder methods of fishing to cast accurately with speed. Thanks to the rods short length, the Finesse Feeder rod is super light and very fast in use, assisting the angler to react on every situation in a split second. This means you are less likely to miss a bite, adding about fish to that retainer net.

This rod is the ideal high-speed competition F1 rod as it boasts incredible casting accuracy allowing you to fish your bait feeders or bomb super tight against the other side of the bank, island or on a compact baiting area.

Once a fish is hooked, the X7 rod will give you the power to bring it in fast. However fast does not necessarily mean harsh as the rod tip provides a softness to keep the hook in the mouth of the fish, meaning minimal damage. The rod comes with different tip sections which all provide incredible sensitive bite registration. These include T1 - the 0.25oz super fine tip which is specifically designed for circumstances where the angler needs to detect even the smallest touch on the line such as winter fishing.

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