C C Moore Corn Steep Liquor

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C C Moore Corn Steep Liquor

SKU: 634158434792
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This superb quality Corn Steep Liquor does not contain any added acids or stabilisers to stop it fermenting. Therefore, for safe storage we recommend this product is stored in a refrigerator to keep it cool.


This highly attractive natural liquid food has a distinctive beer-like aroma and slightly bittersweet yeast taste and has been one of the most successful liquid additives of the last few years. Produced as a result of the maize steeping process, CSL is used as an ‘activating’ liquid that is ideal for use within many different types of bait. Whilst being a superb liquid additive for boilie mixes, it is also suitable for use on pellets (as it will not dissolve them), particles, stick mixes and spod mixes where a natural, subtle, yeasty/meaty attractor is required. CSL has a digestible protein content as well as a valuable natural sugar fraction that makes it an effective fermentation catalyst for any moist or wet product. The recommended inclusion level in base mixes is 20-30ml/kg. (Doesn't melt P.V.A)




Due to its reasonably low water content, CSL can be added to pellet mixes to improve their attraction. It will soak into most pellet products without dissolving them and will then gradually leak out as they break down in water. As mentioned above, being an effective fermentation catalyst, CSL is suitable for use with any particle but is also excellent for adding water-soluble attractors to boilie mixes. (But beware, CSL speeds up the break down of freezer baits, making them incredibly attractive but more sensitive to high temperatures during long sessions).


Remember: This product is ACTIVE!


This is an active liquid and is purposefully designed to encourage non-preserved products that contain it (such as freezer baits) to break down and release their own fish-attracting nutrients as they do so. As a result, this liquid should be stored in a refrigerator and used in cool conditions, out of direct sunlight. When using on the bank, the bottle lid should be left loosened to enable it to breathe.


If this product starts to ferment (and the bottle starts to swell) it is not faulty and should be cooled as quickly as possible but may still be used without any negative to the finished bait to which it is applied.


The intended microbial activity of this product is one of its key features and therefore contributes a great deal to its effectiveness as a high quality, big fish bait ingredient.




CC Moore accepts no liability for loss or damage caused by the 'active' nature of this product. If stored refrigerated, this product will not start to ferment.

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