C C Moore Corn Sweet Syrup 500ml

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This exclusive liquid is a viscous, naturally sweet syrup extracted from whole maize and is primarily used in the animal and human food industry as an improver of palatability (flavour enhancer). It has a very dense physical state and reasonably low water content, allowing it to be fished effectively in PVA bags without melting them. With a highly soluble sugar content, and the presence of a naturally occurring enzyme that improves bait items by increasing their digestibility, Corn Sweet Syrup is ideal for use with pellets, particles, spod, stick or base mixes in all water temperatures. The recommended inclusion level in base mixes is 20-30ml/kg. (Doesn't melt P.V.A)



As a very viscous liquid, Corn Sweet Syrup effectively holds dry products in suspension. When using it in P.V.A. bags as the sole liquid attractor, Betaine, GLM Extract, Belachan Powder or other products can be added to create a complex food signal that fish will not have seen before.

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