C C Moore Liquid Belachan Compound 500ml

SKU: 634158552656

C C Moore Liquid Belachan Compound 500ml

SKU: 634158552656
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C C Moore Liquid Belachan Compound 500ml


This pungent natural liquid food is a highly successful bait additive which is made with high levels of our exclusively imported Malaysian Fermented Shrimp Extract (Belachan).


Liquid Belachan Compound is a notoriously effective big Carp appetite stimulant and was kept a real secret for many years by top anglers who knew it to be a significant edge in their fishing.


Regardless of your baiting approach, adding Liquid Belachan Compound into your bats will add powerful, natural feeding triggers that stimulate fish to feed throughout all four seasons.


Liquid Belachan Compound Properties:


  • Contains powerful fish-attracting nutrients including free amino acids
  • Supplies potent natural attractors in a highly water-soluble form
  • Rich, salty, shellfish taste and deep, pungent aroma  
  • Packed with ionic salts & naturally occurring butyric acid
  • Highly attractive to Carp, Roach, Barbel & other species
  • Excellent in boilie/loose feed mixes and as a boilie soak
  • PVA friendly – superb in bag and stick mixes
  • Suitable and effective for year-round use
  • Contains high levels of pure, human food grade Belachan
  • pH 6 - mildly acidic


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