C C Moore Liquid Belachan Extract 500ml

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C C Moore Liquid Belachan Extract 500ml - taskers-angling

C C Moore Liquid Belachan Extract 500ml

SKU: 634158435560
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This P.V.A. friendly, highly attractive fermented shrimp liquid has an incredible shellfish taste and aroma that you instantly know will catch fish. If you dare taste this liquid you'll understand why this has become one of the really great liquid attractors of the modern carp bait industry.


With soluble protein, amino acids, salts, fermentation acids and natural shellfish properties, Liquid Belachan harnesses all of the incredible benefits of the Malaysian fermented shrimp product and couples them with other tried and tested products. This enables you to apply it to pellets, particles, boilies, hookbaits, stick mixes to give baits an incredible boost of attraction.



We highly recommend using Liquid Belachan Extract with Belachan Bag Mix as well using it as a pre-session soak for hookbaits.

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