C C Moore Trout Pellet 1kg 8mm - D

SKU: 634158444289

C C Moore Trout Pellet 1kg 8mm - D

SKU: 634158444289
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C C Moore Trout Pellet 1kg: 8mm - taskers-angling

Trout pellets have been a huge favourite of anglers for many years. Designed to be fed to growing trout, they have an oil content of 20%+ and a protein content in excess of 45%. This range has a variety of sizes available from 2mm to 8mm meaning we have a Trout Pellet for every situation. Breakdown times vary from 10 minutes to 45 minutes depending on pellet size and water temperature, with a combination of sizes being very effective in one loose feed. Trout Pellets are cost effective and make an ideal component of pellet mixes where large volume is required. Other pellets recommended for a mass-baiting blend are Marine Amino Pellets, CSL Pellets, Mini CSL Pellets and Hemp Pellets. Tip: A combination of Milkimin, Trout, Mini CSL, Marine Amino, Hemp Pellets and Betaine HNV Pellets is a devastating blend with different attractors, feeding triggers and break down time. By soaking Trout Pellets in a liquid food such as Liquid Molasses, Corn Steep Liquor, Liquid Liver Extract you can give them an incredible new lease of life creating a much more attractive option than the normal pellet seen before by so many fish.

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