Century Stealth Graphene S50 12ft Titanium Guide Rod

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Century Stealth Graphene S50 12ft Titanium Guide Rod - taskers-angling

Century Stealth Graphene S50 12ft Titanium Guide Rod

SKU: 5060362017745
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Century Stealth Graphene S50 12ft Titanium Guide Rod


The Century Stealth Graphene Reinforced features the following benefits:

•  Anti-Twist Technology (Gen 2) for accuracy, reduced line frap and achieve casting distance results with less effort.

•  Graphene enhanced resin system – for lighter blank while still providing strength and toughness.

•  Composite compound carbon tapers for ultimate playability within each respective test curve class.

•  Autoclave Technology for long life performance retention.

•  1k-1k carbon weave to top of tip

•  Titanium Stealth Finish SiC guides

•  Custom ALPS Black reel seat with laser engraved logos

•  Sealed with custom PTFE/silicone low scratch finish

•  Manufacturing pedigree immersed in World Record casting and Aerospace/Motorsport carbon composite technology

•  Blank and Rod designed and manufactured in United Kingdom

What is Graphene Reinforced

Century have developed a bespoke combination of the resin matrix and Graphene. The resin matrix carries the loadings generated on the rod by casting and playing and when fortified by graphene creates resilience and toughness. Graphene is a form of carbon in a monolayer of honeycomb lattice and its discovery was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.

When properly incorporated in the resin system it has the capacity to significantly Increase resilience far more effectively than one-dimensional (e.g. nanotube) and zero-dimensional (e.g. nanoparticle) fortifiers so we can make blanks lighter, more responsive, improved anti twist but maintain the usual high strength and toughness you expect of a Century carp rod.


What is Generation 2 Anti-Twist Technology (Gen 2 AT-T)?

The new technology used in the construction of the blank is highly innovative. Using our propriety Grephene material to help create Generation 2 Anti-Twist Technology in the tip section, radically improves directional stability and thus improving accuracy, line fraps and distance. All rods have  a “moment of inertia” and this is pronounced in lightweight carp rods that tend to twist when cast. The Generation 2 AT-T resists this angular acceleration by the insertion of new fibres at varying angles within the wall of the rod. 

Century’s proprietary method of achieving this without losing tip sensitivity and keeping the weight low in the tip, stabilises the blank to maintain alignment of the guide during compression of the rod when casting and playing fish.


Century Stealth Graphene 12' 3.25lb (playing/all round rod and similar power to C2 12’ 3.50lb as a reference) – size 50 guides by default



Century Stealth Graphene 12’ 3.50lb (Not as nice as above rods on playing side as more of a general all-rounder - casting power similar to ADV 3.50lb)– size 50 guides by default

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