Deeper Pro+ Summer Bundle

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Deeper Pro+ Summer Bundle

In this fantastic bundle you can have the Deeper Pro Plus Fishfinder and FREE Korda Feature Finding Bundle!


Get more out of your fishing with the Deeper Pro Plus fishfinder. The Korda Feature Finding Bundle includes: 4th Dimension Polarised Aviator (Matt Black) Sunglasses, a Korda SRL Marker Float Kit, 2 x Pronged Market Leads (3oz and 4oz) and Marker Elastic ***WORTH OVER £50***


The Pro Plus device is the most powerful castable sonar available – it casts further and scans deeper than any other and has Wi-Fi technology to deliver the sonar data to your smartphone or tablet. This Wi-Fi connection is between the Deeper Pro Plus and your smartphone only, so you can use the device practically anywhere as you don’t need to be connected to the Internet when you are out. From the device, you receive high resolution, accurate shots which will help you target fish easier. Including enhanced sensitivity for greater target separation and Deeper Smart Imaging technology this provides you with an improved view of the underwater surroundings and fish habitats.


The Pro Plus features an Onshore GPS Mode that allows the device to create bathymetric, bottom contour maps on or off the shore. Whether you are fishing from a kayak, bank, shore or wading in, you can use this technology to collect and process all the bottom contour data. You can do this while up to a phenomenal 330 feet distance away from the device and you will have a much more informed idea of the bottom contour of the water body when you are fishing.


You can use the Pro Plus in both freshwater and saltwater and can use it from a kayak, the bank, the shore or even a dock. This little device has incredible range with a casting range of 330ft/100m with a depth range of 260ft/80m. The device can also work in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 40°C and you can record the water temperature variations. Along with the dual beam coverage sonar, this delivers you a superior view and observation range in the water.


The Pro Plus is only 2.55” size and has an ultra light weight of only 3.5oz. You can literally take this device anywhere due to it’s small, compact size and will make storing it away and transporting it simple and easy.


You can install the Deeper mobile app onto your smartphone or tablet for extra features for your Deeper Pro. Using the app allows you to do a wide variety of functions such as switching between different frequencies for more accurate exploration, let’s you put the device into a low power consumption sleep mode or wake it up with your iOS or Android device and much more.


The Deeper Pro Plus is like the Deeper Pro with an additional, integrated GPS module and delivers high resolution sonar views underwater. Enjoy and have an unforgettable fishing experience with the Deeper Pro Plus.


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