Delkim ES Indication Set - Extra Short DuoCarb/NiteLite Pro - Illuminating Hanger

SKU: 6015000001978

OPTION1: Yellow
Only 4 units left
  • Integral LED, flashing, latching & nightmarking
  • No batteries required, connects to Delkim Plus Alarm
  • Integral magnetic ball clip, self adjusting, non twist
  • Stays on the line until the strike
  • Smooth strike release, no snatching & over tightening
  • CatFlex cable assembly, hangs & flexes like a chain
  • Compatible with Delkim D-Stak weights
  • Use free hanging or attached to ES DuoCarb
  • Available in 6 colours
  • Stabilises ES NiteLite Pro
  • Extra slim, feather light, solid carbon fibre arms
  • Connects to supplied base or direct to D-Lok
  • Ideal for slack lining, can hang almost vertically

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