Delkim SlimLite Indication Set Clear - Illuminating Hanger

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Delkim SlimLite Indication Set Clear - Illuminating Hanger - taskers-angling

Delkim SlimLite Indication Set Clear - Illuminating Hanger

SKU: 6015000001991
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elkim Clear Slimlite Indication Set


If you’re fishing with any one of the incredible Delkim Plus bite alarms then this is the perfect addition to your range. The Delkim Plus bite alarms are widely considered to be the finest bite alarm systems on the market and these Clear Slimlite Indicators have been designed to be the perfect complement to this system. These Delkim Clear Slimlite Indication Sets are designed to fit any of the Plus range bite alarms. These special little indicators have been in production for a number of years. Although on the surface they might appear very similar to your standard indicator, once you’ve got them hooked up to your system you’ll soon see that there is a lot more to these little indicators than first meets the eye.


The first thing you’ll notice about this indicator set is that all of the indicators are completely clear. This is because each one is fitted with a small LED, which illuminates at every indication. This is a completely battery-free system – instead it attaches into the NiteLite socket on your Plus bite alarm – and it is also totally integrated. This means that it will illuminate harmoniously with your system, replicating the LED on your system by flashing, latching, or night marking in the exact same way as your existing setup. If you’re someone who relies on the light from your alarm as much as you rely on the movement of your indicators then this system will be ideal for you. What’s more, since this system self-illuminates, there is no need for isotopes! In the dark, this system will give you readings like no other, so you’ll never have to worry if your eyes are playing tricks on you at night time – it will be crystal clear the moment there is any action on your line thanks to the Delkim Clear Slimlite Indicator Set. You can purchase these indicators in any colour to perfectly match your existing Delkim alarm system – which is ideal for those carpy anglers who like all their gear to match perfectly.


One of the best features of this new indicator set is its dual function magnetic line clip. This means that you can set up this indicator as either free running or ‘releasably clipped’ (or semi-fixed) – which means that when the line experiences a take it releases into free running mode. This ensures that the Slimlite stays connected, giving you the vital readings that you’ll require, until you make the strike. This allows you to fish either in the traditional manner or with slack lines.


This is a complete set, so as well as the indicator itself you also receive the connecting CatFlex2 cable as well as an additional Tilt ‘N’ Slide SlimCarb stabiliser and set of three C-Slot drag weights. This ensures that although the Slimlite is an exceptionally lightweight bobbin system, it can also be used in windy conditions with confidence. The SlimCarb stabilisers is essentially a carbon arm which allows the bobbin to travel up and down as you get readings, whilst also preventing any false or sideways movement that you might be used to experiencing in windy conditions. This means that the bobbin movement itself is completely unaffected, so it remains as a hanger at all times. The SlimCarb system is a far cry from other carbon arm system, where the bobbin has been restricted to move with the arc of the arm rather than the movement of the line. This is the perfect solution for those anglers who like to use the hanger system in all weather conditions but have been previously restricted from doing so the moment the wind picks up – whether you’re a carp angler or a specialist angler.


The weight of the bobbin itself is approximately 5g – which helps to further enhance the sensitivity of the Delkim alarm. Delkim has also supplied with C-Slot drag weights – one of which is 3g, one 5g, and one 10g – to allow you to add additional weight to your setup as required. These simply screw into the base of your alarm, so you can make the adjustments easily as and when you need to. As a fantastic bonus feature, this setup comes with its own base but it is also compatible with the existing D-lock system, should you prefer to fish in this manner.


As with all Delkim products, this Clear SlimLite Indication Set is manufactured to the very highest standards possible – ensuring that this is one product that will never let you down on the bank.

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