Eyelevel Fisherman Polarized Sunglasses

SKU: 5033473001415

Eyelevel Fisherman Polarized Sunglasses

SKU: 5033473001415
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It’s in the name, the Eye Level Fisherman Sunglasses are designed for the angler in mind with 100% polarised lenses and glare blocking side shields offering maximum protection and performance out on the water.

These sunglasses have a robust, block designed frame that is light in weight yet incredibly durable for long lasting use. There are also side shields located on either side of the frame to give a higher level of protection from the sun at all angles.

The 100% polarised lenses keep annoying glare that reflects of water at bay and provides you with optimal vision and clear viewing. The polarisation also allows you to see clearly just below the water’s surface, perfect for anglers and any water enthusiast.

The 100% UV protection coating on the lenses are vital for protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays from the sun as well as reducing eye strain for a more relaxed experience. 

The Eye Level Fisherman Sunglasses are available in a Grey or Brown lens. The Grey provides a cooler tone in bright sunlight and the Brown absorbs bright sunlight to reduce eye fatigue.

All sunglasses are supplied with a drawstring pouch for storage and protection.

100% polarised
100% UV protection
Strong and light weight frame
Glare blocking side shields
High performance sports style sunglasses
Supplied with drawstring pouch

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