Fox Black Label 3-Rod Adjustable Buzz Bar

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Fox Black Label 3 Rod Adjustable Buzz Bars

The Fox Black Label 3-Rod Adjustable Buzz Bars come supplied as a pair with one for the bite alarms and one for back rests. They have a central screw thread for attaching to a bankstick but also have blanking caps on each end. This means that you can use the Black Label Conversion Kit to transform them from standard buzz bars into an adjustable goal post setup. In addition the central thread can then be removed to make them look like 'proper' goal posts.



• Supplied with hardwearing leather washers on to give good purchase when tightening bite alarms to the buzz bar


• Inner tube has a flat side to prevent rotating inside


• Back can adjust from 6ins to 9ins, whilst front adjusts from 7ins to 10ins


• Works with Conversion Kit to create goal posts that can then be used on Black Label Pod


• Collar and thread instead used instead of thumb screw


• Packaging made from 100% recycled cardboard

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