Gardner Covert Anti-Tangle Sleeves

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OPTION1: C-Thru Brown
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These 40mm anti tangle sleeves are particularly effective for reducing tangles with longer hooklinks as the length of the sleeve effectively separates the hooklink and mainline during the cast. They are particularly useful when zigging and have also proven popular with specialist anglers fishing with float paternoster rigs.


Semi-stiff compound provides the optimum balance of rigidity and flexibility giving you maximum rig control.

40mm length with super smooth continuous taper.

Large bore allows easy threading of any hooklink.

Trim down to customise and suit your own rigs.

Sized to grip onto size 8 or size 12 swivels.

20 sleeves per packet.

Low-viz camo colours available in Solid or C-Thru Green & Brown, plus a new Silt colour to match the rest of the Covert range.

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