Gardner Covert Mini Anti-Tangle Sleeves

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OPTION1: C-Thru Brown
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Mini Anti-Tangle Sleeves can be used on a variety of rigs and lead arrangements to kick the hooklink away from the leader or mainline, helping to reduce the incidence of tangles.

The flexible rubber compound provides the optimum balance of rigidity and flexibility.

Minimalist design is only 14mm length making these ideal for use on shorter hooklinks.

Tapered design and rounded edges reduces tangles with soft hooklinks.

These Sleeves will securely fit most size 8 and size 12 swivels.

Perfect for locking hooklinks into all versions of our Covert Kwik Lok Swivels.

Low-viz camo colours available in C-Thru Green, Brown and Silt to match the rest of the COVERT range.

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