Gardner Mirage Flurocarbon Mainline 600m

SKU: 5060128609672

Gardner Mirage Flurocarbon Mainline 600m

SKU: 5060128609672
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Gardner Mirage Flurocarbon Mainline 600m
Gardner Mirage Flurocarbon Mainline 600m
Gardner Mirage Flurocarbon Mainline 600m

Gardner Mirage Flurocarbon Mainline 600m

Mirage Fluorocarbon is the ultimate 100% Fluorocarbon main line.

Manufactured in Japan, this Fluorocarbon offers the highest level of performance across all the main performance criteria, including abrasion resistance, linear and knot strength.


Due to the base material’s high molecular density, Fluorocarbon lines are extremely tough and resilient to shear (cutting) when they come into contact with sharp objects that are commonly found on the bottom of the lakes, rivers and canals that we fish. It’s this weight that can potentially cause some issues during casting, as the line throws off enlarged coils of line (in comparison to copolymer lines) as it leaves the reel spool. These coils then need to pass through the butt eye on your rod. Large diameter but rings help to minimise ‘frapping’ with Fluoro main lines, as does stretching it out straight and managing line twist by occasionally using a Spin Doctor to keep line twist in check.


This density also ensures that it sinks much faster than any other type of monofilament; and this is really Fluorocarbon’s greatest single benefit to us anglers. If you are fishing in a situation where you can get good line lay to your hookbait then using Fluorocarbon main line ensures that the line has the highest chance of sinking down, settling unobtrusively on the lake bed where it is far less likely to be noticed and is less likely to be felt (a prime concern at night time). Light bobbins and slack lines obviously allow the line to do this best.


When knotting fluorocarbon we recommend a tucked Blood for consistency. As anglers we always recommend that customers test knots thoroughly, whichever line and knot combination you are using, to ensure that they are performing adequately.


One of the other key benefits of Fluorocarbon main line is its lack of stretch. This means that it really helps to feel the lead down. Essentially, staying in contact with the lead as it drops to the lake bed helps to ensures that the rig falls in a controlled manner (less tangles) and means that you can ultimately tell what the rig has landed on, gravel, silt, weed, etc. No matter where you fish this is valuable information.


Other benefits of Fluorocarbon include:


  • Nearly invisible under water. The refractive index of 1.42 is very close to that of water making Mirage very hard to see.
  • High abrasion resistance and a long life span. Fluorocarbon copes with a lot of ‘wear and tear’.
  • Fluorocarbon does not absorb water (Non hydroscopic) and will not lose knot strength after long periods immersed in water.
  • UV Resistant means it does not deteriorate in sunlight.
  • Rated breaking strain is based on knot strength.

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