Gardner Talon Tip Hair Rig Barbless

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Gardner Talon Tip Hair Rig Barbless

SKU: 5060128600495
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Gardner Talon Tip Hair Rig Barbless - taskers-angling

A braided rig offers a slightly subtler presentation that will fool fish that may be suspicious of stiff hooklinks or are feeding by sifting through the sediment on the lake or river bed.

Supple hooklinks tend to concertina slightly as they settle onto the lake bed and therefore allow the hookbait to move unhindered when it is sucked up by a browsing fish.


The well established Talon Tip hook is excellent for fishing any bottom bait over gravel as the in-turned point reduces the likelihood of the point being damaged before the fish picks up your bait.

Tied with a quality 15lb braided hooklink – Trickster Heavy, that is suitable for a multitude of applications and enables the most natural presentation thanks to its super supple feel.

Always reliable and easy to use, our ready tied rigs are the convenient way to ensure ultimate presentation.

Available in Size 4, Size 6, Size 8 and Size 10, Barbed or Barbless.

Tip – for best results, always balance the size of the hook and hookbait. A size 8 hook is generally accepted as the ideal size for use with boiled baits between 14 and 16mm, adjusting hook sizes up and down from this base line accordingly.

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