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Gemini Three Hook Flapper Ready Rig

SKU: 601500002398

Gemini Three Hook Flapper Ready Rig

This Genie Flapper rig is based on a traditional rig design featuring an adjustable bottom snood.

This is an excellent rig for flatties!

Rig Specification:

  • Rig Body Length: 1200mm @ 60lb
  • Snoods Length: 350mm @ 25lb
  • Hooks: Blue Aberdeen #1

What You Will Need To Build Your Own:

Main Rig Body: 2 x Genie Link Clip 6 x Genie Standard Rig Beads - 3mm 3 x Genie 45lb Snood Swivel 5 x Genie Mini Crimp 2 x 6mm Length of 1.5mm Silicone Tubinbg 1 x 1800mm Length of 60lb main line.


Snoods: 3 x Genie Snood Clip 3 x 5mm Length of Genie 1mm Silicone Tube (stop knot/bait stop) 3 x Genie Sequin 3 x Blue Aberdeen #1 Hook 3 x 700mm Length of 25lb line

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