Grangers Clothing Care Kit

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Grangers Clothing Care Kit

The complete package for protecting the technical capabilities of garments such as Gore-Tex and helps them protect for longer. Washing technical materials in your general laundry may bring them up clean but it leaves a harmful residue behind that overtime will hinder the performance. This kit has been formulated to work with specialised fabrics and maximise their performance, lets take a closer look!! 

Performance Wash - 300ml

A gentle in-wash cleaner that has been formulated to work along side specialised materials and remove dirt particles and elinate odours without leaving any harmful residues behind.

Performance Repel - 275ml

This is sprayed directly onto freshly cleaned, damp garments and will restore the water repellent finish to any garments. When your outdoors and the conditions are poor you can have the confidence knowing that you are fully protected.

Active Wash - 60ml

Great for removing dirt, sweat and odours from active and sportswear even when washed on a low 30°C cycle. It will restore fabrics to their original levels of performance and will maximise wicking capabilities.

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