Hinders Tutti Frutti Dumbell Wafters 50g

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Hinders Tutti Frutti Dumbell Wafters 50g


Tutti Frutti is back with a Bang !! Hinders now have secured production of the original Tutti Fruttis using the same recipe, colour and flavour. Favourite of our Consultant Andy Little as this was always his go to bait for many species. Tuttis have served him well for several decades and he is so pleased that Hinders have reintroduced one of the best baits of all time. With winter looming fast Tuttis have always proved to be such a reliable catcher right throughout the colder months.



-Dumbell Shape

-Fluoro Orange

-Top Tip - Our wafters work perfectly with a size 6 hook on its own or when using a size 8 hook with a hook ring swivel.  

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