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With an adjustable shoulder strap and carry handle, this bait bag is comfortable to carry down to the beach, along the pier, or onto a boat. Two fully insulated compartments allow you to store live and frozen bait separately, and give you the flexibility that comes from being able to easily take a selection of bait with you whenever you head out. These compartments are lined with easy-to-clean insulating foil, so whatever bait your using will always be fresh, and untainted by anything you've used previously.


A front mesh pocket gives you convenient storage for your baiting tools, while the toughened, waterproof base lets you drop the bait bag down beside you, on any terrain, without worrying about stains, rips, or tears.


Reflective logos allow you to use this bait bag on night fishing trips, and also make it perfect for the pre-dawn hours before high tide, when many coastal marks fish particularly well, keeping your bait bag visible even when not much else is.


What Discipline Is It For?


A good all-round bait bag with the rugged durability of kit that's designed and built for the sea.


Why Should I Buy It?


If you're looking for a durable bait bag that allows you to take the bait you need right out to your mark, then the Imax FR is the way to go, giving you easy-clean functionality with plenty of storage.


What's The Best Thing About It?


Easy to clean.

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