Imax FR Day Quiver

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Imax FR Day Quiver

The IMAX FR Day Quiver can hold up to 4 rods internally and is the half sized version of the competition quiver, perfect for anglers who prefer a more compact rod bag and do not need to transport much equipment.

This quiver is fully padded and can hold up to 4 rods internally and utilises a 3/4 length zip for easy loading and unloading. There are pockets provided for extra storage and there are 2 adjustable retaining straps for holding a tripod or even a shelter.

There is dual carry straps as well as a fully adjustable carry strap for comfort and ensuring the quiver is always balanced when being carried.

The heavy duty waterproof base enhances durability and will protect your rods when they are inside the quiver. 


The IMAX FR Day Quiver is coloured a subtle and attractive grey and red and includes reflective logos throughout.

  • Carries up to 4 rods internally
  • Fully adjustable shoulder strap and carry handle
  • 2 Adjustable retaining straps
  • 3/4 length zip for easy loading
  • Toughened waterproof base for durability
  • 140cm x 15cm x 10cm

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