Jag Lockdown Rod Grip Small Inserts

SKU: 11856
Jag Lockdown Rod Grip Small Inserts(6 Pack) - taskers-angling

Jag Lockdown Rod Grip Small Inserts

SKU: 11856
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JAG Lockdown Rod Grip Inserts,

Interchangeable soft grip inserts can be selected to grip the rod how the angler chooses. Each Lockdown is supplied with the largest size black insert that's perfect as a 'U' rest.

We spend thousands of pounds on expensive rods and reels, so peace of mind when fishing 'Locked Up' is critical. Simply change the insert to a much tighter grip for unrivalled security when fishing locked up. In testing we have exerted 3 times test curve on a DIRECT pull before any movement occurred, add a slight angle and the rod is never moving! Keep a couple of larger inserts in your tackle box for a quick change during fishing for a totally flexible system. The diameter of your rod handle doesn't matter, we have a size to fit.

Each Lockdown has an easy alignment system, no messing with washers or 'O' rings, simply use the an Allen key to tighten the Lockdown to your Buzzbar or Bankstick for first time perfect alignment and superb tightness.

Available in Large for full Duplon and Cork, and in Small for Abbreviated and Shrink wrap handles.

Large - Black Inserts (Pack of 5) 
Small - Black Inserts (Pack of 5) 
Each coloured pack contains 6 different diameter inserts of the same colour, choose from red, white, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple.

Large - Coloured Inserts (Pack of 6) 
Small - Coloured Inserts (Pack of 6) 
Each black pack contains 5 different diameter inserts, the 6th and largest size is already supplied with the Lockdown body)

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