Korda Drop Zone Marker Float & Lead Kit

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Korda Dropzone Marker Float Kit


All dedicated carp anglers know that feature finding is absolutely vital, particularly if you are fishing in unfamiliar waters for the first time or you are getting ready for a longer session. With the Dropzone Marker Float Kit from Korda feature finding and marker floating has never been so easy!


For too long anglers have been struggling through feature finding using inadequate tackle, but you need battle no longer! Korda’s finest anglers, including the likes of founder Danny Fairbrass and consultants Damian Clarke and Adam Penning, have put this Marker Float Kit through some serious field tests in order to achieve marker float perfection! When developing this product, Korda created a list of requirements that its top anglers would expect a Korda quality marker float to be able to achieve. Three things came out on top.


Firstly, the float must be able to cast far out to the horizon. One of the biggest problems that carp anglers face is that their marker float simply can’t cast as far as their standard cast, making the time spent feature finding almost redundant. This Dropzone Marker Float Kit has been designed with aerodynamics in mind. Long and narrow, the float has been air-injection moulded to ensure that it can fly through the air with ease and, more importantly, without tangling in your line.


Secondly, the float must be able to cope with the heaviest weed. Once again the air-injection moulding comes into play here, as it helps the float travel up through the water column and to the surface. The Dropzone Marker Float Kit also comes with a specialised stem. This stem has been designed with buoyancy in mind, holding the marker 10 inches above the weed and stopping the whole system from becoming entangled in snags. The stem also features an extra-large eye to enable the line to travel quickly through and allowing the float to pop-up to the surface quickly.


Finally, the float must be easily visible. The big flight on the marker ensures that the float can be seen from a great distance with ease. Its bright orange colour means that even in low light you will be able to see this float pop up.


The Korda Dropzone Marker Float Kit – the perfect marker float tool for the dedicated carper and an essential item for your tackle box.

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