Korda Kontour Fluorocarbon Mainline 12lb 200m

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Korda Kontour Fluorocarbon Mainline 12lb 200m - taskers-angling

Korda Kontour Fluorocarbon Mainline 12lb 200m

SKU: 5060062113662
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Korda Kontour Fluorocarbon Mainline 12lb 200m

The Korda Kontour Fluorocarbon Mainline is only available in a single breaking strain, 12lbs. This is an unusual move, as most brands would launch their flagship line in multiple strains and sizes in order to ensures that as many anglers as possible would find a use for it. However, the Korda team has run test after test on this line in order to ensure that they have picked the perfect breaking strain for the most carp fishing uses. The team discovered that the 12lb breaking strain suited a huge variety of situations on the bank and that it would be the perfect line for the average carp angler. Even when you’re battling with huge fish in snaggy situations, you can be confident that this line will not let you down.


The Korda Kontour Fluorocarbon Mainline is an unbelievable casting line. This might surprise you, considering that this is a fluorocarbon line which, traditionally, is not known for your casting ability. This line is exceptionally supple, however, ensuring that it can peel off your reel flawlessly. With the Korda Kontour Fluorocarbon Mainline you can target huge carp at distance with confidence. This can fish up to 100 yards will pin-point accuracy, especially when paired with a high quality big pit carp reel. What’s more, this is an incredibly abrasion resistant line. This gives it a longevity that other similar lines simply cannot offer and it is the perfect tool for the hardcore angler who spends a lot of time on the bank, week in and week out. In order to maximise the amount of use you can get from this line Danny Fairbrass advises that you keep it clean. This means winding it back through an unscented baby wipe or specialised line wipe to remove all the grit and muck that it will have picked up from the water. This simple trick will ensure that this line will last and last.


The Korda Kontour Fluorocarbon Mainline is the perfect line for slack line fishing. Not only is it incredibly supple, allowing it to stick to the undulating lake bed with ease, but it also sinks like a brick. This means that you know that it’s going to be on the bed of the lake within moments of your cast, ensuring that you’re at the minimum risk of spooking your carp. From the rod tip to your terminal end, this line will be on the bed of whichever venue you’re targeting. Like all fluorocarbon line options, this is practically invisible in the water and it allows you to target nervous carp with confidence. As a final feature, the Korda Kontour Fluorocarbon Mainline offers incredible knotting strength. This means that you never need to worry about your rig separating from your mainline, even when you’re trying to pull in a 40lb carp through dense weed or lily pads.


The Korda Kontour Fluorocarbon Mainline comes on 200m spools. Although it is a touch more expensive than traditional monofilament the results you can achieve with this line are more than worth the extra initial investment. It will also last a lot longer than traditional monofilament line too, so your reinvestment costs are ultimately going to be lower. Once you use Korda Kontour you’ll never look back!

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