Korda Subline Tapered Mainline Brown - D

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Korda Subline Tapered Mainline Brown - taskers-angling

Korda Subline Tapered Mainline Brown - D

SKU: 5060062116984
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Korda Subline Tapered Mainline Brown

What is Tapered Subline?

The Tapered Subline is a smooth, monofilament main line running from 8lb, 10lb or 12lb through to a 40lb integral shockleader. It is designed for slick, long-distance casting. However, it boasts many other advantages over a standard, single breaking strain main line too.

Why use a tapered mainline?

Leader knots are bulky! Consequently, as they travel through the rod rings like a bag of spanners, it can severely decrease your casting distance. However, Tapered Subline is completely smooth with an integral shockleader at each end; no knots, no hassle, no worries.
Because there are no leader knots involved, the risk of ‘frapping up’ on big casts is also massively reduced and there is nothing for weed to collect on or for a lead system to jam against.

The line is tough and hardwearing meaning that a heavy tournament lead can be blasted with confidence, yet it still retains the subtle features of a great main line. The heavy, 40lb section sinks over the bottom contours and due to its browny colour will blend in over most lake beds.
Not only will the 40lb taper provide shock resistance against a powerful cast, it also acts as a snag leader. So for those of you who fish rough, demanding pits with snaggy branches and underwater obstacles, this is also the perfect solution. 

On many waters, shockleaders are also banned because they can be deemed unsafe in the wrong hands. However, with nothing for your lead system to snag on, these leaders are classed safe everywhere you go. So with literally everything you want in a main line, why not use it everywhere? Ali Hamidi does…

To get the best from your tapered Subline and maximise its worth, the tapered section has been designed at both ends. This means that you can use the same spool twice by simply reversing it once you have run out of leader.

How do you load it?

This might take a bit of practise the first time around but once you crack it, it will be easy. 
Firstly, wind on the Tapered Subline from the base of your spool (no backing). If it fills up perfectly to the lip, it’s perfect and ready to use. 
However, most reels are different, so if you find that it hasn’t filled entirely, simply add backing line to the brim of that same spool. Then, simply wind it onto another spool and hey presto, perfectly filled with no trial and error!

Many of Team Korda is using Tapered Subline religiously now due to its versatility, why not? It casts like a dream, the heavy-duty 40lb leader end sinks like a brick, it’s tough as old boots and should you require that long-distance chuck to showing fish, you will always have it in your armoury without tying on a shockleader – the monofilament that has it all!

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