Munch Baits Cream Seed Boilies 5kg

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Size: 18mm
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ADVANCED – An exclusive milk taste-enhancer scientifically proven to provoke strong feeding responses in any temperature.


COMPLETE – Combining a diverse range highly nutritional ingredients to provide all-year-round requirements.


FULL – A full range of products to suit any situation.


in the range Boilies, Stickmix, Liquid Food, Pop-Ups, Wafters, Washed Out Pop-Ups, Dumbell Hookbaits, Boosted Hookbaits. Cream Seed Boilies


Ingredients deliberately sourced to provide a broad array of nutritional and attractive properties. Incorporating a blend of refined milk proteins, an exclusive combination of milled seeds and pulses and a host of diverse nut derivatives. All balanced to ensure it offers a complete food source all year round.


Available in 1kg/5kg resealable bags – 14mm/18mm


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