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Nash KNX Profile Brolly

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Nash KNX Profile Brolly

Featuring Nash's proven oval design, the Nash KNX Profile Brolly offers ideal protection for a bedchair and overnight gear, or ensures that you and a mate keep dry during a day session, no matter what the weather, thanks to the extended storm sides that the oval design brings into functional, angler-appreciated use.

Inside, space is optimised for action and comfort thanks to an internal rib assembly, which gives you more usable space for yourself and your gear, making the KNX Profile Brolly a great choice for those action-packed day sessions, as well as a comfortable, convenient option for single nights out when you just can't leave the action behind.

Fully taped seams and a lightweight frame make this brolly a convenient option for spring, summer, and autumn use; hardy anglers may find it even holds up to early winter work.

At 275cm x 132cm x 135cm, the brolly comes supplied with Nash Ti Pegs, 26” bank sticks, storm caps, and twin Velcro rod retaining straps, ensuring you're ready for action whenever it comes.

Designed to help you make the most of those shorter stays, the KNX Profile Brolly is all about convenient protection. Styled to suit carp anglers on any venue, and designed with performance in mind, this is a bankside shelter that's set to become a must-have classic across the discipline. Whether you're out with family or friends for the day, or spending Saturday night in pursuit of carpy perfection, this brolly is designed for you, and made to give your angling the edge when it comes to practical comfort.

  • Proven Nash Oval design with extended storm sides
  • Space saver internal rib assembly for increased usable room
  • Full protection for a bedchair or generous space for up to two anglers for day sessions
  • Lightweight frame and tape seamed nylon cover
  • Twin Velcro rod retaining straps
  • Supplied with swivel storm caps, 26 inch bivvy sticks and Nash T pegs
  • Dimensions: 275 (W) x 132 (H) x 135 (D)
  • Approximate Weight: 3.8kg
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