NGT 6 Pack Hair Rig(size 8 Barbless)

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NGT 6 Pack Hair Rig(size 8 Barbless)

A nicely presented selection of hand-tied barbless hair rigs available in sizes 8 and Each rig is tied knotless knot style to 12lb subtle braid approximately 8.5 inches long. There is a matt black size 8 swivel for easy connection (via a link or tied direct to your mainline) and that has 40mm of anti-tangle tubing to aid a tangle-free presentation. At the business end, there is a needle-sharp, non-reflective hook for good penetration and hook holds. Each pack contains six hair rigs.

Tip – Varying the size of the bait also changes the distance between the bait and the hook. These small tweaks allow different movements of the bait when it is picked up by the fish. Also, add a couple of bits of the NGT Tungsten Putty to ensure the braided hook link lies nice and flat on the bottom.

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