NGT Fortress Bivvy 1 Man

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NGT Fortress Bivvy  1 Man - taskers-angling

NGT Fortress Bivvy 1 Man

SKU: 601500002377
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NGT Fortress Bivvy 1 Man

The NGT Hooded Fortress Bivvy shares the same features as the NGT 2 Man Fortress Bivvy but now includes a hood for additional protection from the elements; the hood creates a porch effect and serves two purposes, extra shade for hot sunny days and for those, unfortunately, more common wet weather days it prevents rain from entering the bivvy door allowing the groundsheet and living area to remain dry. The hood also serves as a gully which channels rain away, this has the additional benefit of allowing the bivvy door and windows to remain open for visibility and ventilation.

The NGT Hooded Fortress Bivvy is an affordable pram hood style bivvy that’s quick to erect and offer excellent stability even in the strongest winds. The Fortress has great ground coverage, large enough for two bedchairs with plenty of room for tackle boxes and other fishing kit. The Fortress has everything you’ll find on top-of-the-range bivvy but price wise it’s incredibly well priced.

The Fortress is constructed from 210D nylon and stands 2 meters tall when fully erect. Hood poles and tension bars are made from lightweight aluminium and slot together effortlessly, the tension bars simply slot on to the hood rails before being extended to lock the hood into an immensely rigid structure.

The Fortress’s windows include a mosquito net which allows you to sit comfortably and look out whilst being protected. This feature has also been included in the door design and rather than having a traditional full mosquito door net the Fortress has an upper hatch window that can be opened separately.

Another great feature the Fortress has to offer is that the whole front can be rolled-away and because the bivvy doesn’t rely on being pegged-out at the front so the Fortress still retains its rigid structure. Ground moisture is reduced with a high quality rubberized fitted groundsheet which is secured in place with velcro strips.

Winter Hint: Use the NGT Fortress Over Wrap to create a second skin that traps warm air between the layers keeping you dry right throughout the winter. The Over Wrap also cuts down on condensation, trapping it between the layers. The over wrap for the hooded bivvy will be available in the autumn of 2018.

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