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The Ghost Butterly has been specially developed for Chod Rigs and Stiff / Combi Rigs. The Ghost Butterfly has the perfect stiffness and can also be created quickly in the "desired curve".

Another very important point; the Ghost Butterfly is really 100% fluoro carbon. The advantages compared to nylon therefore apply. Certainly when you melt the line while creating a Chod Rig with a flame to create the stopper you notice why the Ghost Butterly is so good. Almost 10x more abrasion-resistant as nylon, no shading of the rig on the bottom, virtually invisible under water, UV-resistant and therefore longer durability and fluorescent carbon sinks faster. In short, ideal this Ghost Butterfly!

Available in 20lb and 27lb traction.


-100% fluoro carbon

to rub into shape

-not visible under water


-special for stiff and chod rigs

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